It All Starts In Here

About Us

Unique and energetic, radical hard rock band from Slovenia, bringing fresh energy and passion to the world of rock music. Our music combines the raw power of classic rock with a modern twist, creating a unique sonic experience of truthful and pure rock 'n' roll for all rock music enthusiasts.

Formed in 2023Jenny Rad came together with a shared goal: to create music that blends the influences of our musical heroes while bringing something fresh and authentic. All members started playing in different bands at local clubs and soon gained attention for our high-energy performances and dedication to rock music.

Meet the band

Darko Jones - vocals

Certainly the loudest. Darko »Screamin Thunder« Jones! Dude's vocal chords are made of steel! Genuine Rocknrolla since the day he was born, keeping the r'n'r spirit alive!

Mike Von Hart - Guitar

When he's not slaying his sixstrings, he rides everything that has wheels and motors on it. Adrenaline Mike is a freakin' power station on two legs … on and off the stage!

Vlad - Bass Guitar

Tall, grayish and … almost handsome. That's why they put the bass in his hands. Old school cool! Combined with Upper, the world of r'n'r rhythm section will never be the same!

Gregg Upper - Drums

Gregg Upper aka The Professor; percussionist teacher by day, rock star by night! The man who doesn't miss the beat. When he gets off the stage, the drums cry out for more!