Unique and energetic, radical hard rock band from Slovenia, bringing fresh energy and passion to the world of rock music. Our music combines the raw power of classic rock with a modern twist, creating a unique sonic experience of truthful and pure rock ‘n’ roll for all rock music enthusiasts.

About Us

Jenny Rad is more than just a's an attitude...a massage....a true legacy of rock 'n' roll - we are a musical adventure that brings passion and energy to every stage. Join us on this journey and experience the power of hard rock music like you've never heard before!

Formed in 2023, Jenny Rad came together with a shared goal: to create music that blends the influences of our musical heroes while bringing something fresh and authentic. All members started playing in different bands at local clubs and soon gained attention for our high-energy performances and dedication to rock music.

Meet the band members

Musical Style and Influences

Our music can best be described as “kick, bite ‘n’ punch” rock ‘n’ roll. We draw strong inspiration from the golden eras of rock music but also incorporate contemporary elements. We’re not afraid to experiment and add our own unique sound and energy. Guitar riff textures, drum beats, thundering bass lines and powerful vocals come together to create an unforgettable musical experience.

Our releases

Our debut single »Rise up« was released on 25. 6. 2024. The single showcases our sound and passion for keeping the rock music alive!

25 June 2024
Rise Up
Our first single !
Future plans

Looking ahead, we plan to release our debut album and prepare for live performances all over the world. Our goal is to share our music with as many people as possible and create unforgettable live concert experiences for our fans.